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Meet the President

Welcome to The King's School Grantham Alumni Society, previously known as The King's School Old Boy’s Society.

The society is now open to all those who have taught or been taught at the school. The Society has an active Committee which meets five times a year, organising events for alumni and liaising with the School on a number of projects.

We do not ask a membership fee. Our mission is to fund-raise, support the school and provide a networking platform for alumni.

The King's School Grantham Old Boys' Society was formally formed in 1901. But, there has always been an active network of school-leavers since the founding of the school in the 1500s and has been going ever since apart from a brief adjournment for the Second World Wars.

I am honoured to be able to lead the Society on the next stage of its journey.  I am delighted that the committee and school have agreed to re-brand, and re-affirm the values of the society – which have always been those of exclusivity, mutual support and goodwill to all.

I am afraid I must use the words of someone else here: John Richardson Junior said

“When it comes to the future there are three kinds of people; those who let it happen, those who make it happen and those whom wondered what happened”

I believe that as alumni, we are given the skills to make it happen.  Although too often on a Monday morning we are in the third group.  The King’s school was and is the common bond that we share between us all.  Through strong links with the PTFA we will support boys through not only their time when they leave school but also during their years at school.  The Society is in some ways, like the older sibling that teaches you the ways of the world and but will always be around for a big hug when it all gets too much.

As ever we will continue to arrange and encourage participation in a variety of activities and sporting events, and to be a beacon for pre-Christmas fun at our dinner.  I look forward to seeing alumni of all genders and none in the future. So please keep in touch and keep others in touch.‚Äč

Your President

Matthew Spoors

Years: 1980 - 1987 Email:

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